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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flying By

        We went flying, quite literally, this week. We all went parasailing off the coast of Honolulu, even the little ones.  We went in threes.  First, Steve, Nicki and I were harnessed and attached to a parachute at the back of a speed boat.  Once we were secure, they let 'er rip and we were suddenly lifted up into the sky on a 700ft line, an exhilarating and fun feeling.    It felt like I was a kite taking off and then coasting through the air.  We were at the mercy of the gentle trade winds, pushing us around in a most pleasant way.  With the magnificent view and noticeable quiet, I did not want this 10 minute ride to end.  As they retracted our line for the return, we were dunked in the ocean.  This was a pleasant surprise right before we landed safely on the boat.   As Joseph, Alex and Steve (yes, Steve again) lifted off, I could see in their faces, what I felt on my turn......pure joy and surprise mixed with a little uneasiness, but so much anticipation for the rest of the ride.

Just taking off!
        Our whole trip so far has been a lot like my parasailing experience.   It all took off with a flurry of activity as I planned many activities each week.  Even the thought of homeschooling motivated and excited me back then.   Now, in the middle of our journey, we coast.

  We are used to our surroundings and truly settled in to a sort of routine:  Monday Joseph-Archery; Wednesday Alex and Nicki - Ceramics; Thursday Nicki-Hula, Alex-Science, Saturday - Laundry and blogs;  and home learning nearly every morning.  We choose vacation-like activities based on whims and which way the wind blows (literally, since the wind affects the weather and surf so drastically, especially in the winter).   But, with the unavoidable end looming in the future, the wind is kicking up and blowing me (and my thoughts) in a new direction, toward home.

view while flying
        This realization makes me wonder if I am ready to give up this lifestyle, yet.   My day to day pace here is slow and steady.  My commitments are few and my responsibilities are only to my family.   I'm not flying all over the place to get things done, I am not really contributing to the community or any particular cause.  I don't even watch the news.   I have no interest in sustaining this upon my return.  After all, I don't want to coast along the rest of my life in a bubble, with the world flying by, but for now, it suits me just fine and I am not ready for it to end.

        Like so many journeys, the return always seems faster.  Even with so much time left on our adventure, I feel as though I've already started my way back home and I hope it doesn't fly by.  We have accomplished so much, but there is still so much more to do.  If we continue how we started, eager to make the most of our circumstance, the end of our journey can be as exciting and fulfilling as the beginning.  No doubt, we are in for a few surprises along the rest of the way.  With a visit from my parents and a trip to Maui during the next couple of weeks, we are sure to get dunked in the ocean before we head back home.

One last surprise before the end

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