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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trader Joe's

Of all the items on my long list of things to do before we leave, the most enjoyable has been buying gifts for those in Hawaii who have helped us or those we will meet and befriend.  A colleague of Steve's mentioned that she stocks up on items from Trader Joe's whenever she is on the mainland,  a store they do not have in Hawaii.   It turns out, a lot of Hawaii locals like to stock up on Trader Joe's stuff.  In fact, the Las Vegas store on Decatur Boulevard has a top ten list of items for their Hawaiian customers.  Apparently a lot of Hawaiian tours go through there.  I had the good folks at Trader Joe's store # 90 send the list to my local store.  This is what is on the list:

1. Butter Waffle Cookies - the clerk here noticed a few Hawaiian customers stocking up on these!
2. Roasted Almonds
3. Roasted Cashews
4. Dry Roasted Pistachios
5. Salty, Sweet & Nutty Trek Mix
6. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
7. Dried Cranberries
8. Simply Almonds, Cashews & Cranberries Trek Mix
9. Almondina biscuits
10.  Honey Sesame Sticks

I am bringing many of these items with us to show Aloha spirit.  I am interested to find out if they truly are sought after.  It also make me wonder, what would I stock up on if I were leaving for good......and what I'll miss from Hawaii when we get back.  I'll let you know!

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